Traps not received in OpManager

Traps not received in OpManager

Please check below for the possible reasons for not receiving the traps and its corresponding resolution.

1. Trap port might be occupied in opmanager server. ---> Make sure the that trap port of OpManager is not occupied by trap service of Operating System (ie) port 162 should be free. If not free it and restart opmanager.

2. Device might not be monitored in OpManager. --> Device should be added in OpManager to receive the traps from that device.

3. Trap destination might be wrong --> OpManager server should be the trap destination for the device which sends traps.

If the issue persists, follow the steps below to check whether the trap is received properly on the OpManager server.

1. Stop OpManager. Make sure the port 162 is not occupied.

2. Open the file MibBrowser.bat located under \OpManager\bin folder.

3. Go to View --> Trap Viewer and check whether the traps are received properly.

4. If the traps are not received in the trap receiver, the traps are not reaching the OpManager server and you can sort that problem which will make OpManager receive the traps.

5. If you are receiving the traps on the trap processors and not on OpManager, please go to Support --> Support information file and generate the logs and send it to with a brief description of the problem. We will check the logs and give you an update.
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