To automate an approval for Incident Request Templates

To automate an approval for Incident Request Templates

Follow the below steps to add approval script.

1. Go to Admin --> Request Custom Functions -->Request --> Paste the content from the attachment 1. approvals.txt and save it with a name.

2. Configure the custom trigger as in the attached screenshot.

>>To set 2 approvers to approve the ticket, like either approved by approver  A or approver B please use the below script.

returnObj = Map();
approvalStages = [{"approver": {"id": 3301}},{"approver": {"id":3302}}];
input_data = {"INPUT_DATA":approvalStages,"OPERATIONNAME":"SET_APPROVAL","send_immediately":"True"};
operations = Collection();
returnObj = {"operation":operations,"message":"Approval(S) added Successfully through Custom Trigger","result":"success"};
return returnObj;

Make sure to give the approver id in the script for whom the approval should be sent when an incident request is created.

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