To monitor Self Contained .NET Core applications using .NET Core Agent Loader API

To monitor Self Contained .NET Core applications using .NET Core Agent Loader API

By default, when you install an APM Insight .NET Core agent, the agent will be loaded along with the .NET dependencies configurations. But in the case of self-contained applications, this is not possible. In these cases, you can install the .NET Core agent, and load it using the agent loader API. To do so, add the loader agent API snippet in the startup file of the .NET Core application.
Note : The .NET Core agent should be installed to make it work, since it is like a helper API to load the agent.

Steps : 
  1. Add the NuGet package into your .NET Core web application/API project.
  2. Modify the ConfigureServices method in your Startup.cs file. Insert the following line of code before the AddMvc() method: 
    1. ManageEngine.Middleware.LoadAgent();
  3. Insert the snippet inside the ConfigureServices method.
  4. Publish and deploy the application.
  5. Install the agent as per these instructions.

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