To Change the application log directory

To Change the application log directory

Environment: Windows

  1. This kb is not recommended.
  2. The support file (Community -> Troubleshoot -> Support File) will be generated with log files which are generated using the bat files. The new logs, generated in changed log directory won't be listed here.
  3.  In View logs (Community -> Troubleshoot -> View Logs) the new logs won't be listed, the logs which are generated using the bat files only listed. The new logs, generated in changed log directory won't be listed here.
    1.  Example restore logs, backup logs which is generated by executing the restoreData.bat file and backUpData.bat file respectively.
  1.  The following bat and jar file is not SPD Version specific. Hence it can be run in any builds.
  2.  The LogDirectoryChanger.bat file need to be executed after every successful SDP Upgrade.
  3.  However we will take one copy of named before modifying the original file. But the file which is in application_installed_directory\conf\ can be copied (not moved) to some other disk in order to ensure the original file is there for recovery process.
  4. Some of the log file directory could not be changed. Example restore logs, backup logs which is generated by executing the backUpData.bat file.

      Step 1: Extract the following zip file.
      Step 2: Shutdown the application
      Step 3: Navigate to the application_installed_directory\lib\ and place the LogDirectoryChanger.jar file
      Step 4: Navigate to the application_installed_directory\bin\ and place the LogDirectoryChanger.bat file, open command prompt and execute the LogDirectoryChanger.bat file
       Step 5: Enter the full path of the log directory where the logs need to be logged.            
       Step 6: After the successful execution of bat file, kindly start the server once and ensure, the new log files are generated in configured directory.

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