Timezone issue

Timezone issue

For time zones which are wrongly showing, and for DST issues make use of the jar file.

Download the  attached  zip file and extract the jar file. Login to the application server machine,  and follow the steps below to resolve the issue,


·         Place the tzupdater.jar under [MSP_Home]/jre/bin directory. 

·         Make sure that the server has access to the internet.

·         Also, make sure that the application has been stopped/shutdown.

·         Open a command prompt in [MSP_Home]/jre/bin directory and execute the following command: java.exe -jar tzupdater.jar -l -v

·         Start the application.


Now login to the application, and check  the Time Zone. They will be shown under the respective time zone now. 


This jar file will update the latest time zones in the java bundled in the application.

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