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Time delay in exporting reports

One of the main reasons for delay in report exports is the large volume of report entries. To reduce the report export time, we recommend you generate and export only the information needed. Select the exact time period and columns that are required to reduce the report size.
  1. Fine-tune the criteria of the report based on your requirements. Ensure that you choose the appropriate log type to cut noise.
  2. When you want to export bulk reports, we advise that you split and schedule report exports. We also recommend that you schedule the data export via the report scheduler to run during non-business hours, since exporting reports in bulk directly from a web browser can negatively impact the product performance. 
Why is there a delay when you export large volume of reports?

During direct bulk exports, 20,000 records per batch are stored as streams in the memory. After completing the data export, all the stored report data will  be moved from the Java memory to a file location on the server. Based on the number of entries, size of the export file, and other aspects, moving the  report file to a specified location can be time-consuming.

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