Test Credential has failed,Although all the prerequisites are met for Powershell remoting.

Test Credential has failed,Although all the prerequisites are met for Powershell remoting.

Error : Test connection with remote server failed. Kindly check the credentials and try again.

Kindly configure TrustedHosts via Group Policy Editor as below: (This has to be done on both Applications Manager & the Exchange Server)

  1. Go to Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Edit Group Policy
  2. Under Local Computer Policy->Computer Configuration->Administrative Templates->Windows Components->Windows Remote Management(WinRM).
  3. Click on WinRM Client -> Double click Trusted Hosts setting.
  4. Click on "Enabled" & Under the TrustedHostsList, provide the hostnames or IP addresses of the corresponding machines.

5)Click on Apply & OK.
6)Restart the Windows Remote Management(WinRM) Service for the changes to take effect.
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