technician groups

technician groups

If you want technician groups, then, use the below query in analytics plus 

select qd.QUEUENAME "Support group", au.FIRST_NAME "Technician" from QueueDefinition qd 
left join Queue_Technician qt on qd.QUEUEID=qt.QUEUEID 
join SdUser sd on qt.TECHNICIANID=sd.USERID 
join AaaUser au on sd.USERID=au.USER_ID
order by 1

If the above steps does not meet your requirement, and if you want to create your own groups or teams and then use that as a filter, Follow the screenshots below

Here is the formula that you can edit
 If("Technician"='Robert Woodman', 'Team 1',
If("Technician"='Steve Wilson', 'Team 1',
If("Technician"='Madison', 'Team 2',
If("Technician"='Sam', 'Team 3',
If("Technician"='Ed Holmes', 'Team 3',
'Other team'

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