Task related reports

Task related reports

Sample Output and headers present in this report

Goto reports -> New query report and executes the following 

taskdet.TASKID AS "Task ID", 
taskdet.MODULE AS "Module", 
taskprior.PRIORITYNAME AS "Priority", 
taskdesc.DESCRIPTION AS "Description", 
tc.COMMENT As "Task comments",
taskgroup.QUEUENAME AS "Group", 
taskowner.FIRST_NAME AS "Owner", 
taskcreatedby.FIRST_NAME AS "Requester", 
LONGTODATE(taskdet.CREATEDDATE) AS "Created Date", 
taskstatus.STATUSNAME AS "Task Status", 
taskprob.PROBLEMID AS "Problem ID", 
taskchange.CHANGEID AS "Change ID", 
taskproject.PROJECTID AS "Project Id",
wotask.WORKORDERID AS "RequestID",
LONGTODATE(TasDetHistory.OPERATIONTIME) As "Task Updated time"
FROM TaskDetails taskdet 
LEFT JOIN AaaUser taskcreatedby ON taskdet.CREATEDBY=taskcreatedby.USER_ID 
LEFT JOIN SDUser taskownersdu ON taskdet.OWNERID=taskownersdu.USERID 
LEFT JOIN AaaUser taskowner ON taskownersdu.USERID=taskowner.USER_ID 
LEFT JOIN PriorityDefinition taskprior ON taskdet.PRIORITYID=taskprior.PRIORITYID 
LEFT JOIN StatusDefinition taskstatus ON taskdet.STATUSID=taskstatus.STATUSID 
LEFT JOIN QueueDefinition taskgroup ON taskdet.GROUPID=taskgroup.QUEUEID 
LEFT JOIN WorkOrderToTaskDetails wototaskdet ON taskdet.TASKID=wototaskdet.TASKID 
LEFT Join TaskToComment ttc ON taskdet.TASKID=ttc.TASKID
LEFT JOIN TaskDescription taskdesc ON taskdet.TASKID=taskdesc.TASKID
LEFT JOIN WorkOrder wotask ON wototaskdet.WORKORDERID=wotask.WORKORDERID 
LEFT JOIN ProblemToTaskDetails probtotaskdet ON taskdet.TASKID=probtotaskdet.TASKID 
LEFT JOIN Problem taskprob ON probtotaskdet.PROBLEMID=taskprob.PROBLEMID 
LEFT JOIN ChangeToTaskDetails changetotaskdet ON taskdet.TASKID=changetotaskdet.TASKID 
LEFT JOIN ChangeDetails taskchange ON changetotaskdet.CHANGEID=taskchange.CHANGEID  
 LEFT JOIN TaskToProjects projtotaskdet ON "taskdet"."TASKID"="projtotaskdet"."TASKID" 
LEFT JOIN ProjectDetails taskproject ON "projtotaskdet"."PROJECTID"="taskproject"."PROJECTID"
 LEFT JOIN TaskToProjects ON "taskdet"."TASKID"="TaskToProjects"."TASKID" 
LEFT JOIN ProjectAccMapping ON "TaskToProjects"."PROJECTID"="ProjectAccMapping"."PROJECTID" 
LEFT JOIN AccountSiteMapping ON taskdet.SITEID=AccountSiteMapping.SITEID 
LEFT JOIN (select max(tdhistory.OPERATIONTIME) AS OPERATIONTIME,tdhistory.TASKID AS TaskID from TaskDetailsHistory tdhistory group by tdhistory.TASKID) TasDetHistory ON taskdet.TASKID=TasDetHistory.TASKID

Tested in SQL / 10524 build
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