SupportCenter Plus as an Outlook Add-in

SupportCenter Plus as an Outlook Add-in

Pre-requisites: A valid user account with login credentials in SCP, a valid account in Microsoft Outlook with admin permissions.

To implement the add-in for your organization's users,

  1. Download the attached manifest file for SCP Outlook Add-in.
  2. In the downloaded file, replace the HostedDomainURL with your organization's domain URL wherever applicable. 
  3. Save the file. 
  4. Log in to your Microsoft Office Admin Center account. 
  5. In the left pane, click Settings > Integrated Apps. 
  6. In the displayed page, click Upload Custom Apps and choose to Upload manifest file (.xml) from the device. 
  7. Click Choose and upload the file saved in Step 3. 
  8. Click Next. 
  9. In the page that displays, choose Entire Organization and click Next. 
  10. On the next page, verify the permissions and click Next
  11. Click Finish Deployment to complete the process. 
You have now configured SupportCenter Plus  as an add-in to your organization's Outlook mailbox.

Convert Emails to Requests

To convert an email as a request in SCP,

  1. Log in to your Outlook mailbox. 
  2. Select the required email and click Outlook_addin_sdp_icon. The SCP user pane opens with a confirmation message. Click Yes to proceed. 
  3. The request creation page opens with the email subject and the sender's email ID. You can reset the form by clicking Outlook_addin_form_reset_icon
  4. Enter the request details as you would do within the SCP application. 
  5. Click Add Request. 

Other Actions

From the SCP user pane of your Outlook Mailbox, you can perform the following actions:

  • Reply: Send replies to a user regarding the request by clicking Oulook_addin_reply_icon
  • Edit: Click Edit in the bottom bar to edit the request details from within Outlook Mailbox. 
  • Add Notes: Click Outlook_add_in_Note_icon to add a note to the request.

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