Support Group Configuration

Support Groups configuration

1) The support groups that we are configuring in a template is always based on the sites.

When we have more than one account assigned in the template, only the support groups added under “Default Settings” will get displayed in the template.

Refer below:

Consider that you have 2 accounts added for that template:

Here, you can see the Support Groups as below:

The reason for which is due to the sites configured under those accounts.

You will not be able to select a particular site in the template, (in other words, the template will show no sites)

The support groups displayed in the template are configured under the Default Settings:

Hence, you will not be able to see all the support groups configured under both the accounts (individually).

2) If you have only one account selected for that template as below:

You can now select which site that you wish to have this template configured:

Based on the site configured, you can see the support groups as below (again, this is based on the site settings, if you select “Copy Default Settings” or “Refer settings”, you will only see the support groups based on the default settings or site referred).

In my example, I selected the site to have a custom setting for support groups.

I configured only one support group for this site as below:

Which will now display us the site that you wish to have the template:

When you select a particular site, you will see the support group associated with that site.

Note: The shown behavior will be applicable only after 10502 build. If you are using any build lesser than 10502, you will not be able to see the support groups based on sites, where you can only see the default groups added under "Default Settings".

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