Stripping html Attachments During Mail Fetching

Stripping html Attachments During Mail Fetching

            In some of the cases like Office 365 HTML attachments get stripped when fetching this mail in our ServiceDeskplus. 

Cause : 
  1. Some of the html documents has ".html" extension, but the content type of the html document will be of xhtml document. Say for example, A mail consist of attachment with fileName "message.html" , when looking up on its content type, "application/xhtml+xml". This may happen in number of cases, such as In microsoft mailbox,  when sending an email which is the effective link back to the encrypted Email.
  2. since allowedContentTypePatters has only have patterns for html extension and not for xhtml extension, INVALID_CONTENT_TYPE error is thrown.
Workaround :
  1. The attached fjar, will match the xhtml content type too, inaddition to the htmlcontentTypePattern.

Jar Compatibility : 
  1. 14201 : 1_14201_xhtml_att_stripped.fjar
  2. 14303 : 1_14303_strip_xhtml.fjar

Steps To Apply FJAR :
  1. Download the attached fjar, corresponding to your build Number. 
  2. Place the downloaded fjar in the <servicedeskplus_home>\fixes directory.
  3. Restart the Servicedeskplus Application.
Check whether the issue occurs in your environment and get back to us

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