Steps to troubleshoot when no data is available for DOTNET applications

Steps to troubleshoot when no data is available for DOTNET applications

If you find no data available in your .NET Application monitor in APM Insight, log in to your respective Application server and open the `APM Insight .NET Agent Health monitor` tool from start menu. Check if any of the following messages are found in the Health monitor window, and use the corresponding actions to resolve the issue.

Agent service not running
Can be contributed to various factors like antivirus software stopping the service or user stopping the service.
Start the APM Insight .NET agent service (this recycles the app pools), and perform some transactions.

Could not connect to host

1. Might have Configured with Invalid Application Manager Host and Port 


2. Server is behind proxy or uses outdated TLS version (versions below 1.2) for communication.
1. Verify the connection to Application Manager server on a browser from respective Application Server
2. Open the `Edit APM Insight .NET Agent configuration` tool, update the appropriate Applications Manager Host and Port which open for communication. Also, update the proxy setting if any changes
3. Then, Restart `ManageEngine .NET Agent Service` then check
4. For outdated TLS versions, update to the latest .NET agent version.
Profiling environment variables not set
A competing profiler has been installed.
1. Identify and Uninstall competing .NET agent profilers if any
2. Navigate to the Tools tab, and click Repair Installation (this will reset IIS). and restart the APM Insight .NET Agent service

No. of apps included for monitoring -0
Applications to be monitored are not configured in APM Insight .NET Agent configuration window or new applications were added after configuration.
1. Open the `APM Insight .NET agent configuration` tool and navigate to the Applications tab.
2. Select the applications to be monitored, and click Save.
3. Then, Restart `ManageEngine .NET Agent Service` then check. (This will recycles the respective app pools)
[IIS Applications tab] Monitor in "Deleted" or "Marked for deletion" state

Trying to add a monitor after deleting it in the Appmanager server

1. Delete the file of the respective application in the %ProgramData%\DotnetAgent\<APPLICATION_NAME> folder,
2. Then, Restart the APM Insight .NET Agent service (this will recycle the app pools).

If issue persists, Contact along with the updated Agent diagnostics for further assistance

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