Steps to translate custom security questions using the language resource files

Steps to translate custom security questions using the language resource files

Security Question & Answer is one of the multi-factor authentication methods supported by ADSelfService Plus. In this method, you can configure security questions, such as “What are the last 5 digits of your secondary mobile number?” and “What is the middle name of your favorite artist?,” for which end users have to enter their answers. Apart from such predefined security questions, you can also configure your own custom questions.

However, if you have set the product language to one of the non-English languages supported by ADSelfService Plus, and if you want to add a custom security question, which contains special characters, you may sometimes get an error. In such cases, you can manually edit the Application Resource file in the installation directory of ADSelfService Plus and add the question.
To add your own custom security question in a non-English language:
  1. Convert your custom translated questions into Unicode text format.
  2. Go to the <installation_directory>/resources/adssp folder (by default: C:/ManageEngine/ADSelfService Plus/resources/adssp).
  3. Open the ApplicationResources_xx_XX file in a text editor, where xx_XX denotes the language as shown below.
ja_JP: Japanese

ar_EG: Arabic

en_GB: British English

nl_NL: Dutch

ru_RU: Russian

es_MX: Spanish

fr_FR: French
zh_CN: China

da_DK: Danish

ko_KR: Korean

pl_PL: Polish

tr_TR: Turkish

fi_FI: Finnish

it_IT: Italian
sv_SE: Swedish

de_DE: German

nb_NO: Norwegian

pt_BR: Brazilian Portgual

en_US: American English

fr_CA: Canadian French

iw_IL: Hebrew

      4. Add an entry for each question you want to add anywhere in the file: 
           adssp.custom.question1=Unicode text
           adssp.custom.question2=Unicode text

Here, the LHS part (adssp.custom.question1) denotes the key name and RHS part (Unicode text) denotes the key value, which is the custom translated question converted into Unicode
      5. Save the file and close it.
      6. Restart the ADSelfService Plus server.
      7. Go to Configuration > Self-Service > Multi-factor Authentication.
      8. Under Authenticators Setup, click Security Question & Answer.
      9. Click Edit Questions.
     10. Enter the key name and click the plus (+) symbol.
     11. Click Save.

That’s it! You will be able to see the custom translated question in the list of questions. You can now make that question mandatory for enrollment or modify it further without any issues.
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