Steps to take PGSQL Dump Backup and Restore

Steps to take PGSQL Dump Backup and Restore

PGSQL – DUMP – Backup Procedure :

Login to the MSP application server and perform the below steps,

1. Start the application

To take Postgres (Psql) Dump :

3. Open a command prompt and navigate into <ServiceDeskPlus-MSP>/pgsql/bin directory.

4.  Execute -> pg_dump -U {user-name} {source_db} -f {dumpfilename.sql}

Using the above step if the dump is not created, then try the below,

pg_dump -U postgres -h -p 65432 servicedesk > test.sql

This will create a file named “test,sql” <ServiceDeskPlus-MSP>/pgsql/bin.

Take a Copy of this file.

To restore :

1. Install the application in a different machine

2. Start and shut down the application once.

Paste the taken test.sql under <ServiceDeskPlus-MSP>/pgsql/bin directory.

3. execute – startDB.bat 65432

4. Open a command prompt and navigate into <ServiceDeskPlus-MSP>/pgsql/bin directory.

psql -h localhost -p 65432 -U postgres -d servicedesk

5.Execute query \c postgres

6. Execute drop database servicedesk;

7. create database servicedesk;

8. Execute \q or quit.

9. Now execute ->psql -U {user-name} -d {desintation_db}-f {dumpfilename.sql}

10. Once the process is completed. Execute stopdb.bat 65432

11. Run the application and check the configuration

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