Steps to migrate ServiceDeskPlus – MSP from One Linux server to another Linux server.

Steps to migrate ServiceDeskPlus – MSP from One Linux server to another Linux server.

Following are the steps to move ServiceDeskPlus – MSP from One Linux server to another Linux server.

Steps to take data backup in Linux machine is given below,

1.Go to the installation folder. [The default installation folder is /opt/ManageEngine/ServiceDeskPlus MSP/. The installation folder will now be             referred as ServiceDesk Plus MSP-Home]

 # cd [ServiceDesk Plus MSP-Home]/bin

2. Invoke the script

   # sh

This will take a backup of the existing configuration and the backup data will be stored under [ServiceDesk Plus MSP-Home]/backup/BackUp_Version_MONdd_yyyy_hh_mm/

An example would be,

3. Install a fresh copy of Servicedeskplus-msp from here .Ensure you find the same build from the archives link, which you have installed on the current serve

4. Start and shut down the application once.

5. Now restore the backed up data, Go to [ServiceDeskPlus-Home]\bin directory and execute sh Choose the backup file while prompted.

6. Start the ServiceDeskPlus – MSP server once after restoring the data in the new server.

Note: Do not delete the old setup, unless you make sure the new instance is up and running fine. 

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