Steps to generate Server.ketstore from a .PFX file

Steps to generate Server.ketstore from a .PFX file

1. Stop the NetFlow Analyzer service.

2. Open Command prompt as Administrator and navigate to NetFlow_Home/bin and execute sslGen.bat -f Enable and wait for it to complete.

3. Copy the .PFX file to NetFlow_Home/jre/bin.

4. Navigate to NetFlow_Home/jre/bin

keytool -importkeystore -srckeystore (cert).pfx -destkeystore server.keystore -srcstoretype pkcs12

please enter the correct password.Once it is executed proper, it will create a server.keystore file under NetFlow_Home/jre/bin

5. Copy the server.keystore file from NetFlow_Home/jre/bin to NetFlow_Home/conf

6. Put the correct keystore password under server.xml under NetFlow_Home/conf and set the keystore File location as ../conf/server.keystore and put the correct password for the keystore under Keypass.

7. Start the NetFlow Analyzer service.
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