Steps for Custom Scripts to show only view of Account's Requests for primary contact.

Steps for Custom Scripts to show only view of Account's Requests for primary contact.

1.Create a folder under this location : ManageEngine\SupportCenter\custom with the name scripts and then add the custom scripts to be executed. 

Example of a custom scripts : primary contact only needs view of account's requests and not the default view which consists of My Open Requests, My Requests On Hold
My Pending Requests, My Resolved Requests, My Completed Requests, My Closed Requests, All My Requests.

this is the custom script. 

if(location.href.indexOf("/") > 0){ 
jQuery(window).bind("load", function() { 
if (!scp_user.IS_SUPPORT_REP) {
    delViewArr = ['My Requests', 'My Open Requests','My Requests On Hold','My Pending Requests','My Resolved Requests','My Completed Requests','My Closed Requests','All My Requests'];
    for (i = 0; i < delViewArr.length; i++) {

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