Step-by-step: E-Mail configuration for Outlook using POP/IMAP

Step-by-step: E-Mail configuration for Outlook using POP/IMAP

The reason for configuring the mailbox in Outlook using POP/IMAP configuration is to validate connectivity and authentication settings. ServiceDesk Plus Application fetches emails from the inbox exactly as how an Email Client (Outlook) would fetch the email. 

We will have to configure the mailbox using manual configuration (POP/IMAP) and check if we are able to get the account configure without any issues. While doing this, we should not select Automatically Configure as the Outlook app would try to setup the mailbox using MAPI protocol and this would not work in our case as ServiceDesk Plus does not use MAPI protocol to connect to the mailbox.

Please follow the below step-by-step instruction to configure the mailbox using POP/IMAP Manual Configurations.

Step - 1 : Click «File» at the top left and then «Add Account».


Step - 2 : Now, put in the email address you are trying to configure and enable the checkbox "Let me setup my account manually" or choose the option "Manual setup or additional server types". The option may vary depending upon the Outlook version that is installed.

Step - 3 : Now choose between a POP3 or IMAP account. You will have to use the same configuration that is used in ServiceDesk Plus here. Once selected, please click on Next.



In the following screen, please fill the required details as explained below.

      >> Enter a name for your account (this name is shown in the account list) and the sender name that recipients of your E-Mails will see.
      >> Enter your full E-Mail address.
      >> For Incoming Server, enter the incoming server name present under the Incoming Tab in Admin --> Mail Server Settings.
      >> Enter server name present under the Outgoing Tab in Admin --> Mail Server Settings for the Outgoing mail server.
      >> Enter the full E-Mail address as Username and the corresponding password below.

If Authentication is needed to send emails, then go to «More Settings» and click the «Outgoing Server» tab and select «Use same settings as my incoming mail server».This option applies only if you are using the older version of Outlook. In recent version, you will have to enable "Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)"



Step - 4 : Click «OK» to confirm the settings and then «Next». The account settings will then be checked, and you will see a success message if the account has been set up properly. If you do not see a success message as displayed below, then you will have to check what the error is and proceed troubleshooting accordingly.



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