Startup issue in Linux after fresh installation_Error code 10001

Startup issue in Linux after fresh installation_Error code 10001

In certain scenario, the application cannot be started just after the fresh install. Below are the error traces,

[06:24:57:427]|[10-11-2021]|[pglog]|[INFO]|[18]: -sh: 1: /root/ManageEngine/ServiceDeskPlus-MSP/pgsql/bin/pg_ctl: Permission denied| Trying to start PostgresSQL server failed
[06:24:57:432]|[10-11-2021]|[com.adventnet.persistence.PersistenceInitializer]|[SEVERE]|[1]: Problem while starting Database due to:Trying to start PostgresSQL server failed |
[06:24:57:434]|[10-11-2021]|[com.adventnet.mfw.ServerFailureException]|[INFO]|[1]: Error Code : 10001|
[06:24:57:434]|[10-11-2021]|[com.adventnet.mfw.ServerFailureException]|[INFO]|[1]: Error Msg : Exception while initializing DB.|

Error code 10,001, exception while trying to initialize DB

This issue occurs due to the postgres folder permission issue and this issue may occur if the Application is installed with SUDO i.e. root and now trying to install just normal root user, which is causing the permission issue. So, installing and running with the same users should work

Ideally our product does not need special root permission, So installed and running as normal root user should be fine.

If you are not sure about the user used for install, it is better to reinstall after a complete uninstall.

Deleting the product folder ManageEngine will uninstall the product in Linux.

Ensure no other product installed on the same machine to interfere with the postgres or postgres port number.

If the both installed and trying to start are same users and unable to start, below steps can be tried.

Please follow the below instructions and update us.

1. Navigate to ManageEnigne\ServiceDeskPlus MSP\bin and execute the below command 

sh -S

2. In the same location executed the below command  to stop database properly.


3. Ensure FULL Control permission for the PGSQL folder under ManageEnigne\ServiceDeskPlus MSP.

4. Navigate to Manageengine\servicedeskPlus MSP\bin and invoke the below commands one by one 


check if you get the below message

PostgreSQL DB initialized successfully.


check if you get the below message

Database server successfully started.

5. Now, try to start the application from the location ManageEngine\servicedeskPlus MSP\bin


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