SSL Installation - .pfx file type

SSL Installation - .pfx file type

Instructions to setup SSL with a pfx file type,

1. Copy the .pfx file to the location C:\\ManageEngine\\SupportCenter\\server\\default\\conf
2. Change the Webserver port to 443 by executing changewebserverport.bat 443 https
3. Goto C:\\ManageEngine\\SupportCenter\\server\\default\\deploy\\jbossweb-tomcat70.sar and edit 'server.xml' and find the following lines, 
<!-- SSL/TLS Connector configuration using the admin devl guide keystore
      <Connector port="8443" address="${jboss.bind.address}"
           maxThreads="100" minSpareThreads="5" maxSpareThreads="15"
           scheme="https" secure="true" clientAuth="false"
sdpsecured" sslProtocol = "TLS" />
Then, Replace sdp.keystore, with the pfx file name. Also, include 
keyStoreType=pkcs12, like this,

your password" sslProtocol = "TLS" />
And change "sdpsecured" with the password provided along with the pfx file. 
4. Restart SupportCenter Plus

For applying the renewed the .pfx certificate file after it got expired,

1. download the copy of the certificate from the received email of your certificate vendor to the directory.
2. copy the file to the location viz., \\ManageEngine\\SupportCenter\\server\\default\\conf
3. restart the application.
4. connect to the web client and verify it.

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