Solution for Postgres 11 Upgrade Issues

Solution for Postgres 11 Upgrade Issues

  1. When ServiceDesk Plus is upgrading to 14300 or later, postgres is also upgraded to 11.17. If you are using bundled postgres, data migration through pgdump and restore mechanism also happens.
To ensure efficiency in Postgres 11.17, make sure your Windows is updated to the Windows Server 2019 or later. Refer here for more details.
  1. Missing libraries in Windows machines may lead to upgrade failure. So, make sure your system is installed with important updates from Microsoft, such as Universal C Runtime.
                  Windows Server that is not up to date may look as follows:
                  A fully updated Windows Server will look as follows :

Steps to Install Windows Updates:

             Step 1: Click Start and type "Windows Update" in the search bar.

            Step 2: Under Windows Update Settings, click "Check for updates".

            Step 3: Windows will check for updates and display any available updates.

            Step 4: Click "Install updates" to start the update process.

            Step 5: Windows will download and install the updates. This process may take several minutes or longer, depending on the size and number of updates.

            Step 6: After the updates have been installed, you may be prompted to restart your computer. If so, click "Restart now" to complete the update process.

If you facing the same issue after updating to latest windows updates, you may have missing updates for Universal C Runtime Libraries.

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