Software Licenses

Software Licenses

SELECT resource.resourcename                 "License Name", 
       Max(softwarelist.softwarename)        "Software_Name", 
       Max(resource.acquisitiondate)         "Acquisition Date", 
       Max(resource.expirydate)              "Expiry Date", 
       Max(swinstallationkeyinfo.productid)  "Software_ID", 
       Max(swinstallationkeyinfo.productkey) "Software_Key" FROM   softwareinfo 
       LEFT JOIN softwarelist 
              ON softwareinfo.softwareid = softwarelist.softwareid 
       LEFT JOIN swinstallationkeyinfo 
              ON softwareinfo.softwareinfoid = 
       LEFT JOIN componentdefinitionsoftware 
              ON softwarelist.softwareid = 
       LEFT JOIN resources resource 
              ON componentdefinitionsoftware.componentid = Resource.componentid 
       LEFT JOIN softwarelicenses 
              ON Resource.resourceid = softwarelicenses.resourceid 
GROUP  BY resource.resourcename 

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