SNMP Troubleshooting Guide

SNMP Troubleshooting Guide

1) Please check the snmp agent is running in problematic remote server or not.

2) if it is running then execute the snmpwalk.bat /

This snmpwalk is used to check if the connectivity and the Discovery of the SNMP Server is possible from the Applications Manager installed server.  This standalone program is a excerpt of the same process we use to add the SNMP Server monitor. The usage to run this file is as below

Via command prompt go to AppManager/bin/troubleshooting directory and execute the SNMPwalk file with the usage below.

Usage : snmpwalk.bat  [version]  [community]  [port]  [hostname / Ip] [Manufacturer]

 [version]              version of SNMP agent v1 / v2. By default v1
 [community]         community string. By default public
 [port]                    remote SNMP agent port number. By default 161
 [hostname/Ip]      hostname or Ip address of machine where SNMP agent is running
 [timeout]              Timeout value. By default 5 seconds
 [Manufacturer]      Hardware manufacturer DELL/HP

This will initiate the process to discover the SNMP Server and on success will also fetch the data for the default attributes monitored and shown as the output.  From this you will be able to find If discovery is possible, If data is returned for all attributes or not.  In case there is any issue for an attribute data it'll be shown as null.  This infers that the data is not available in that server and has to be checked on the SNMP running server.

For more info or assistance do send us the output of the above command for analysis along with Support Information File.

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