SLA details

SLA details

This report is used to get the complete list of SLA  configured in the application. 

SELECT "Site Name" ,
       sla.slaname "SLA",
       MAX(sla.duebydays) "SLA Days",
       MAX(sla.duebyhours) "SLA Hours",
       MAX(sla.duebyminutes) "SLA Minutes" ,
       MAX(sla.fr_duebydays) "First Response Days",
       MAX(sla.fr_duebyhours) "First Response Hours",
       MAX(sla.fr_duebyminutes) "First Response Minutes",
       array_to_string(array_agg(au.first_name), ' ') "Escalate to" FROM sladefinition sla
LEFT JOIN sitedefinition sdf ON sla.siteid=sdf.siteid
LEFT JOIN sdorganization sdo ON sdf.siteid=sdo.org_id
LEFT JOIN timezonedefinition tz ON sdf.timezoneid=tz.timezoneid
LEFT JOIN slaescalation es ON sla.slaid=es.slaid
LEFT JOIN operationalhoursdef oh ON sdf.siteid=oh.siteid
LEFT JOIN hoursofoperation op ON oh.operationalhoursdefid=op.operationalhoursdefid
LEFT JOIN escalateton eton ON es.escalatetoid=eton.escalatetoid
LEFT JOIN aaauser au ON au.user_id=eton.userid
LEFT JOIN daysofoperation od ON oh.operationalhoursdefid=od.operationalhoursdefid

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