Site details

Site details

This report is used to get the complete list of Site detail configured in the application. 

SELECT "SiteName",
       sd.Description "Description",
       regionDef.REGIONNAME "Region",
       timezonedefinition.displayname "Timezone",
       apa.DOOR_NO"Door Number",
       apa.LANDMARK"Land Mark",
       apa.POSTALCODE"Postal Code",
       aci.Emailid "Email id",
       aci.landline"Phone number" FROM sitedefinition vd
LEFT JOIN sdorganization sd ON vd.siteid=sd.org_id
LEFT JOIN sdorgcontactinfo aoci ON sd.org_id=aoci.org_id
LEFT JOIN aaacontactinfo aci ON aoci.contactinfo_id=aci.contactinfo_id
LEFT JOIN sdorgpostaladdr spa ON spa.org_id=sd.org_id
LEFT JOIN aaapostaladdress apa ON apa.POSTALADDR_ID=spa.POSTALADDR_ID
LEFT JOIN RegionDefinition regionDef ON vd.REGIONID=regionDef.REGIONID
LEFT JOIN timezonedefinition ON vd.timezoneid=timezonedefinition.timezoneid

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