SFLOW IPv6 Patch for NetFlow Analyzer Build 11000

SFLOW IPv6 Patch for NetFlow Analyzer Build 11000

This Patch is applicable only over the NetFlow Analyzer build 11000

Please download the patched files from the below link:


The Patch consist for below folder with the patch files:


1. Stop the NetFlow Analyzer service.

2. Cut and copy the NetFlowCollector.jar and NetFlowClient.jar file from NetFlow_Home/lib to a safe location.

3. Cut and copy the routerExpand_jsp.class file from NetFlow_Home\webapps\netflow\WEB-INF\classes\org\apache\jsp\jspui to a safe location.

4. Copy the downloaded NetFlowCollector.jar and NetFlowClient.jar file under NetFlow_Home/lib.

5. Copy the downloaded routerExpand_jsp.class file under NetFlow_Home\webapps\netflow\WEB-INF\classes\org\apache\jsp\jspui.

6. Export the IPv6 Sflow to the NetFlow Analyzer Build 11000 server.

7. Start the NetFlow Analyzer service and wait for an 2 hours and check on the issue.

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