Setup EUM Agent as Service in Ubuntu 16 and above

Setup EUM Agent as Service in Ubuntu 16 and above

All the steps mentioned below should be performed with root user privilege.

1. Steps to register EUM Agent as of service on a Linux box

  1. Copy the attached file to /etc/init.d/ directory.
    1. Rename the file as "EUMAgent" after moving
  2. Edit and set the right EUM Agent's location (in two places) which should point to the Home folder of EUM Agent Installation directory.
    1. For example, if the installation folder on a Linux box is /opt/ME/EUMAgent, then the value should be /opt/ME/EUMAgent
  3. Provide executable permission for this script file using the below command
    1. chmod 755 /etc/init.d/EUMAgent
  4. Add "EUMAgent" to the list of services using the below command
    1. update-rc.d EUMAgent defaults

2. Steps to make EUM Agent service start automatically on machine restart

  1. Download the attached EUMAgent.service file and place it under /etc/systemd/system/ directory
  2. Provide executable permission for the file using the below command
    1. chmod 755 /etc/systemd/system/EUMAgent.service
  3. Enable the EUM Agent service using the below command
    1. systemctl enable /etc/systemd/system/EUMAgent.service
EUM Agent is registered and enabled as a service on the Linux machine and from now it will start automatically on machine reboot or restart.

To start the EUM Agent as a service, use the below command 
      systemctl start EUMAgent.service

To stop the EUM Agent running as a service, use the below command
      systemctl stop EUMAgent.service

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