Set interval for SMS clean up

Set interval for SMS clean up

We can set the value for SMS out clearing period, so that you need not to run the delete query every time, and it will clear the queue in one day.  Following steps will help to do the same.

1. Take a backup of DataManagement.xml file under \OpManager\conf folder.

2. Edit the file and search for <DATA_CLEANUP id="CLEANUP_SMS_DATA", here will find the entry as below.

 <DATA_CLEANUP id="CLEANUP_SMS_DATA" executeInterval="1" executeIntervalUnit="DAYS" className="">

    <PROPERTY name="TABLE_LIST" value="SMSServer_OUT"/>

    <PROPERTY name="TIME_FIELD" value="SENT_DATE"/>

    <PROPERTY name="CLEANUP_DATA_OLDER_THAN" value="7"/>



Now you need to change the CLEANUP_DATA_OLDER_THAN value from 7 to 1 and save the file.  Then stop and start OpManager service for the changes to take effect.

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