How to configure session inactivity timeout in APM ?

How to configure session inactivity timeout in APM ?

The session inactivity timeout setting represents the amount of time a user can be inactive before the user's session times out and closes. It only affects user browser sessions.

You can set the values in only numeral values denoting minutes.
This function has a default value of 20 minutes.


  1. Take a backup and open <apm-home>/working/apache/tomcat/conf/web.xml
  2. Search <session-timeout>20</session-timeout>
  3. Replace it with <session-timeout>preferred-inactivity-logout-in-mins</session-timeout>
  4. Restart APM for changes to take effect.

General notes 

  1. If you are manually editing a file, always take a backup of that file and use it to replace it back in case of any issues.

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