Service catalog Resource Questions

Service catalog Resource Questions

This report helps to find the resource questions and values chosen in the request.

SELECT WO_Resources.WOID "RequestID",
       CatalogResource.TITLE "Resource Question",
       Questions.QUESTION "Question",
       ResourcesQAMapping.ANSWER "Answer" FROM WO_Resources
LEFT JOIN ResourcesQAMapping ON WO_Resources.UID=ResourcesQAMapping.MAPPINGID
LEFT JOIN CatalogResource ON wo_resources.RESOURCEID=CatalogResource.UID
LEFT JOIN Questions ON Questions.QUESTIONID=ResourcesQAMapping.QUESTIONID
LEFT JOIN RequestTemplate_List ON CatalogResource.SERVICEID=RequestTemplate_List.TEMPLATEID
LEFT JOIN Workorder wo ON WO_Resources.WOID=wo.WORKORDERID WHERE wo.CREATEDTIME >= <from_thisweek> and wo.CREATEDTIME <= <to_thisweek>

Note : Login to ServiceDesk Plus, go to Reports tab > New Query Report > Copy the query to the query editor and run the report. 

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