script to update the status of the request based on the subject in the email conversation

script to update the status of the request based on the subject in the email conversation

Build compatible:
14300 and above

Steps to be followed:
1.  Download the attached script.  

2. Go to Admin >>   Developer Space  >>  Custom Function >> Global Functions >> Copy & Paste the attached GF_Content.txt  and save it with a name.
Update the URL and technician key as per your instance. Refer to  the screenshot below:

3. Go to Admin >> Developer Space >> Custom Function >> Notification  >> Copy & paste attached CloseRequest.txt and save it with a name.
Note : Please ensure that your globalfunction name is updated at line no : 1 in the created notification custom function.

4. Go to Admin >> Automation >> Custom Triggers  >> Notification
Configure the created  custom function in a Custom Triggers. Refer to the screenshot below:

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