Script to reset password and enable local authentication

Script to reset password and enable local authentication

Purpose : 

     Interactive mode of resetting the password of a user by entering his username. Also, to enable local authentication in the application.
This script can be used in builds on or above 9400 version

How the script works ?

     Invoking the script will show two options. 

1. Enable local authentication in the application when you are locked out of the application.
2. To reset the password of a user in the application. Since we are resetting the local authentication password, local authentication in the application will be enabled if it is disabled already.

Steps to invoke the script :

1. Download the zip file appropriate to the application server OS ( for Linux and for Windows )
2. Unzip and place the resetpassword script (.bat/.sh) in the application bin directory. Place reset.jar in the application lib directory
3. Open the command prompt/terminal with administrator privileges, navigate to the bin directory and invoke the resetpassword script.

Once done, remove the resetpassword script and reset.jar

Things to keep in mind while executing the batch file :

1. If the batch file is executed only to enable Local Authentication, then application services need to be restarted for the changes to take effect. 
2. The domain name provided should be exactly how the domain name appears on the login page.
3. If the password reset does not work even after running the batch file, please share the severoutX.txt files (serverout0.txt to serverout5.txt) to support team for analysis. 
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