Script to mark all private notes as public

Script to mark all private notes as public

Use case:
Once a request is resolved all the private notes should be made public (requester shall view).

2. :  This package consists of all the functions that are used to handle the standard requirements of the customer.  Most repeated requirements are written as separate functions.  Depending on our usecase, we can include these functions in our script. 
3. configuration.json : This file maintains the configuration details of the installed server.  

Execution steps:    
1.  Extract the ZIP file under ..\ManageEngine\Servicedesk\integration\custom_scripts - folder.
2.  Edit the configuration.json and update the values.
3.  This Script can be configured as a custom trigger, which would get invoked right-away when a condition is met or you can configure the same script as a request custom menu, which would get invoked only when you invoke the menu manually from the Request Details Page. This is something that needs to be set depending on your requirement.
4.  For Custom Triggers:  Go to Admin > Custom Trigger > give a trigger name > execute script > py $COMPLETE_V3_JSON_FILE and set the criteria as "Impact=High"
5.  For Request Custom Menu: Go to Admin > Request Custom Menu > give a menu name > Action Type : execute script > py $COMPLETE_V3_JSON_FILE. Invoke this script from Request Details page > Actions > Menu Name.

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