Script to Auto merge requests with exact same subject

Script to Auto merge requests with exact same subject

Use case:  Too many alerts for the same reason from a machine keeps generating multiple tickets in SDP MSP.  You can use the below script to auto-merge the requests in the application. The Merged tickets description will be added as a note to the parent ticket in SDP MSP using the script.

Steps to follow :

1. Download the zip file attached and unzip it.
2. Copy and paste the files present in it under ManageEngine\ServiceDesk Plus MSP\integrations\Custom_scripts.
3. Create a Business rule under Admin for the respective account/site as in the attachment (refer to Business rule configuration.png file)
4. In the configuration.json file, please update the right URL (using which you will connect the SDP MSP instances) and technician key. Generate the technicianKey for administrator and provide it. You can create technicianKey from Top right of the product user interface -> API key generation.


1. Python has to be installed on the MSP server along with the Requests library. Please refer below link for reference.2. Description is mandatory in the duplicate request. Description content will be added as notes in the parent ticket.

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