Script: Send reminders to technicians when there is no update for 2 hours

Script: Send reminders to technicians when there is no update for 2 hours


2. :  This package consists of all the functions that are used to handle the standard requirements of the customer.  Most repeated requirements are written as separate functions.  Depending on our use case, we can include these functions in our script. 
3. configuration.json : This file maintains the configuration details of the installed server.  

Execution steps:    

1.  Execute the below query and save the report with a title as Reminder_title.

SELECT wo.WORKORDERID "workorderid",
wo.TITLE "subject",
std.STATUSNAME "status",
ti.FIRST_NAME "technician",
wos.last_tech_update "last_tech_update", aci.EMAILID "emailid" FROM WorkOrder wo
LEFT JOIN StatusDefinition std ON wos.STATUSID=std.STATUSID
LEFT JOIN AaaUserContactInfo auci  ON ti.user_id=auci.user_id
LEFT JOIN AaaContactInfo aci ON auci.contactinfo_id=aci.contactinfo_id 
WHERE (std.ispending='1') AND DATE_PART('day',now()-to_timestamp(wos.LAST_TECH_UPDATE/1000))>3 AND wo.ISPARENT='1'

2.  Extract the attached script file in ZIP under ..\ManageEngine\ServicedeskPlus MSP\integration\custom_scripts - folder.

3.  Edit the configuration.json and update the values.

4.  Configure a custom schedule to execute everyday and pass this report as a parameter.

5.  Go to Admin > Custom Schedule > give a schedule name > execute script > py

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