SCP 11.0 - PPM update

SCP 11.0 - PPM update

This document is applicable only for the 8.1 to 11.0 upgrades.  Please go through this article completely , before proceeding for the upgrade


- As this release is a complete redesign of the application, it is mandatory to do the upgrade only in a test environment first. (Applicable for all databases - PGSQL/SQL)

- Make sure all configurations, DB is migrated then plan for Production upgrade.


How to build test environment steps is available here?


PS: Support for MYSQL has already stopped, hence an upgrade is not allowed.


Build 8121 is the base build for all users to upgrade to the 11.0 version. Hence everyone should reach 8121 builds first using the Service packs available here.


You need to follow the below steps in this test environment further


Prerequisites check


As there are a lot of DB level changes in this upgrade, you might need to alter some existing data/configuration to proceed with the upgrade.


- For which, Once you have upgraded to 8121 - Log in to the application and click (?) present in the top right of the user interface, and check the prerequisites link shown for the 11.0 upgrade.

- You have to make the necessary changes mentioned, such that your database will be compatible with the 11.0 upgrade.  

- Once it is done, shut down the application.  (In case nothing is mentioned, please proceed with the below steps.)



Only trimmed backup is needed to do this upgrade to minimize the upgrade time.


Upgrade Prerequisites


- Please make sure you have already read this document and understood the behavior changes and limitations and design level changes.

(PS : Open the link in new tab if it does not work)

- Don't do the upgrade directly in Production.



Post a successful upgrade and your testing, then follow the same steps and do the production upgrade.

Important notes before starting the upgrade in this test setup.


- During this upgrade, we are changing a lot of files/frameworks/alter DB entries. Hence please make sure the JAVA / PGSQL is properly shut down and no related process is not showing from Task Manager.

- Make sure you logged in as domain administrator to the SCP installed machine.

- Close all the folders which are opened in this SCP installation machine.

Steps to upgrade as follows


- Open a command prompt with administrator privilege.

- Navigate to <SCP>/bin directory and execute - Updatemanager.bat

 - Download the Service pack from here - Refer to 8121 to 11011 



(To be continued..)

Alert messages handling


You will get some pop-ups during the period as said below, please choose respectively.


1. Have you taken the backup - Click Yes. We will not take automatic backup during the upgrade.  (PS: No - will quit from the process)

2. Do you want to migrate the archive portal - Yes/no - choosing - Yes - will migrate all portals. If No is selected, you cannot revert and cannot do the upgrade for the archived portals alone post-upgrade.

3. Prerequisites check will happen.

4. You will be asked to select whether the upgrade is for Test/production - choose Production (Even while doing test upgrade) and apply the license provided below.

If you select the test, then it will work as evaluation mode and you can use only 3 portals post the upgrade.


This test upgrade needs a license file, hence use the attached license file. You are allowed to use 20 Portals / 50 Support reps (Enterprise Edition). It is only for testing. While doing the actual production upgrade, you can get your actual purchased edition license compatible for 11.0 instances from our sales team or even post the production upgrade.


5. Database check - If SQL DB is used, you need to create another DB in your test SQL again. You will be prompted to provide a new DB name where this upgrade will happen.  

- Dont disturb your production database.

- Make sure you have sufficient disk space in that test SQL machine to create a new DB during this process again and migrate the data from this copy to the newly created DB.

- Dont give special characters while creating this database.



Once all the above is done, the upgrade will start.



(To be continued..)


Note the below points :


- Upgrade will take time-based on your database size, server speed.

- Roughly 2 GB trimmed database took 40 minutes at our end.

- Dont close the command prompt till all the process is completed.

- Once you see the upgrade success message, then only you should close the command prompt and start the application.


As we used only trimmed backup during the upgrade, you cannot access file attachments,custom images and archived requests from the application. Hence you need to copy/paste it into this test instance separately. Please note , We are changing the archive folders structure using a schedule task post the 11.0 upgrade. Hence post the upgrade, once you copied those files, this schedule will run for a day, and then only you can view archived requests.




Support related


In case of upgrade failure or post-upgrade issues, we need the below details for our analysis.


- supportcenter\server\default\log folder for analysis. Zip and send the same to us.

- supportcenter\MliteMigration\default\log - Zip and send the same to us. (in case available)


You can upload the details at

choose Supportcenter Plus while uploading the files.


You can contact our support at for any assistance.



(To be continued..)




  1. Know more about behavior changes from here.

  2. Archives - Old release builds are available here -

  3. Service pack -

  4. 11.0 Help documentation -

  5. List of New features available



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