SCP 11.0 and Jira integration

SCP 11.0 and Jira integration

Integration Steps


In SCP 11.0, JIRA administrator credentials and server URL configuration fields will not be available in the Jira.xml file. They must be configured on the current integration page.

Follow the below steps to move the integration files to the appropriate directories.

Note: If you are already using JIRA integration with any customizations in earlier versions,  please take a backup of the customized files and move the files as mentioned below and then update the customization changes in the new files.  
  • Move the Jira.xml file present inside [SCP_Home]/actionplugins/jira/conf/ to [SCP_Home]/integration/conf/ directory.
  • Move the jiraimpl.jar file present inside [SCP_Home]/actionplugins/jira/ to [SCP_Home]/integration/lib/ directory.
  • Move all the integration files present inside [SCP_Home]/actionplugins/jira/resources/ to [SCP_Home]/integration/resources/ directory. (This is not required if you have already done this in earlier versions)
  • Make the custom changes (if any) to the Jira.xml and restart the SCP server.

Configuring JIRA settings in SupportCenter Plus:

  • Go to Admin >> Integrations >> JIRA or Global Settings --> Integrations --> JIRA (if multiple portals)
  • Enter the Server name and Server Port where the JIRA application is currently running and choose between HTTP and https protocol settings.
  • Enter the JIRA administrator credentials (username/password) and Save the configuration. The password will be encrypted and saved securely in Database.

    For configuring JIRA On Demand settings,

    Enter the JIRA administrator credentials (username/API Key) and Save the configuration.
  • Click 'Save' to save the settings.

Note: All other configurations other than username and password are still in Jira.xml.

Steps to create JIRA action menu:

  • Create a new custom menu for Jira ticket creation under Admin   >   Request Custom Menu   >   Add New Menu.
  • Menu Name   >   Create_JIRA_UI_Ticket (If you want to change the menu name then changes has to be done in Jira.xml too as the configurations are internally mapped)
  • Description   >   Optional
  • Associates Roles   >   Select the Technician Roles who should get access to this menu (Options: All Roles or 'Selected Roles')
  • Associate Templates   >   Select the Templates, under which this menu should be displayed (Options: 'All Templates', 'All Incident Templates, 'All Service Templates' (or) 'Selected Templates')
  • Custom Html File   >   Create_Jira_Ticket.html (Make sure the HTML file is present under [SCP_Home]/Integration/resources/ directory.)
  • Action Type   >   Select Execute Class   >   com.servicedeskplus.integration.JiraActionImplementation (Make sure the jar file is present under [SCP_Home]/integration/libdirectory.)

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