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Scheduled reports are not getting delivered

There could be many reasons why the scheduled reports were not delivered to the specified email ID. The most common reasons include improper configuration of the mail server, generation of empty reports with settings that specify not to deliver empty reports, the daily email limit being surpassed, and more. To cross-verify if the configurations are suitable for report scheduling:

  1. Log in to the EventLog Analyzer web console as an administrator. 
  2. Navigate to Reports, click Scheduled Reports at the bottom-left corner, and check whether the schedule was successful.
  3. Navigate to Settings > System Settings > Notification Settings, check the Mail Settings, and send a test email for confirmation.
  4. Go to Settings > Admin Settings > Product Settings, and increase the Daily Email Limit value or disable it.
Note: For builds 12160 and later, you will receive an alert email when the email limit threshold has been reached. For build 12159 or older, you can check for traces of Email limit exceeded in the serverout.log file.
5. Check if the specified report is empty because of unavailability of data for the set criteria. 
6. Verify the Empty Reports Mailing Action under Settings > Admin Settings > Product Settings.

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