Please find the list of frequently asked queries in SAML

1. I have enabled SAML but still could not find a way to log in using SAML

Since the application has multi-tenant feature there are certain security added to the SAML login. In a SAML configuration, if only one account is assigned, then SAML SSO will work only when the application is accessed via the Account-Specific URL and not the default URL. 

If Mark as Default SAML configuration is enabled, then SAML SSO will work with the default URL. However, the SAML configuration will apply for all accounts. 

2. When a new user logs into the application using SAML, how will it work?

The application matches the application username with the SAML username, when it matches the existing user is overridden, if it does not a new user will be created which we call it Dynamic User Addition

If Mark as Default SAML configuration is enabled then the dynamic user addition will not work, since the application does not know which account the user belongs to. 
If SAML is configured to a specific account, then Dynamic User addition will work, the user present in iDP will be created as a user in SDP-MSP

3. A user is unable to login dynamically, receiving Error code 60

If the name ID format is set to Email Address, then the dynamic user addition does not work. The reason is, dynamic user addition looks up the email address field and in MSP, the uniqueness of a user is based on the loginname. If user login via dynamic user addition, opt for other name id format. 
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