Round Robin in SCP

Round Robin in SCP

Here is the custom trigger plugin for round robin auto assign feature

Steps to follow

1. Extract the attached zip
2. Copy the Last_Assigned_Tech.txt and Round_Robin_Assign_Tech.json files to C:\\ManageEngine\\SupportCenter\\integration\\conf folder
3. Edit the Round_Robin_Assign_Tech.json file add the support rep preferences in JSON format, a simple format as below
4. Edit Last_Assigned_Tech.txt and add the value to 0 in the file.

  • "1":"administrator",
  • "2":"Heather Graham",
  • "3":"Howard Stern",
  • "4":"Jeniffer Doe",
  • "5":"John Roberts",
  • "6":"Shawn Adams"

For java:

1. Move the 1_RoundRobinTechnician.jar file to C:\\ManageEngine\\SupportCenter\\integration\\lib folder
2. Now create one custom trigger with criteria as when support rep is unassigned and action is execute class and executor is com.scp.roundrobin.RoundRobinTechnician

* If the custom trigger doesn't work, then copy the 1_RoundRobinTechnician.jar to Manageengine/SupportCenter/server/default/lib folder and restart the application

For Python:

1. Move the file to C:\\ManageEngine\\SupportCenter\\custom_scripts folder
2. Now create one custom trigger with criteria as when support rep is unassigned and action is execute script and executor is py

Attached a screenshot, how to create a custom trigger

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