"Root Cause: Service port 3 not accessible from H0000952D ?" error when adding SAP monitor:

"Root Cause: Service port 3 not accessible from H0000952D ?" error when adding SAP monitor:

Problem :
When adding a new SAP monitor, you get following error message : " Root Cause: Service port 3 not accessible from H0000952D ? Diagnose the Problem?  Having trouble adding Monitors? "

Solution :
The SAP user provided does not have authorization to log on to interface XAL / XBP. You need a SAP user profile with the following authorization objects: S_RFC, S_XMI_LOG and S_XMI_PROD.

Under S_RFC authorization objects, the Name of RFC object to be protected is configured as * by default. If you wish to modify the value, please make sure that SYST function group is included.

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