Restore fails due to CRC error

Restore fails due to CRC error

When the Backup is Password protected, then during restore, the application is unable to unzip the backup file due to CRC error below,

Default Backup password: SDP123! invalid CRC (MAC) for file: inlineimages/WorkOrder/1692/1502688304615.png

As a workaround to restore the Backup, follow the steps below,

1. In the application server, navigate to the Backup path where the Backup .data file is present.

2. Right click on the .data file using 7Zip and click on 
Extract Here. You might be asked to enter the password here, customer should know it.

3. Now select all the files which are extracted and right click, Select
 7Zip and add to <filename>.zip. Once you get the file <filename>.zip, rename it to <filename>.data

Tip: Ensure you are not selecting the original file from which files were extracted.

4. Once you get the zip file, you will see that the Size of the file is not changed. This is the indication, that the process was successful.

5. Similarly if you have more than one .data file , you need to follow the above said procedure for all of them.

Now if you try to restore the renamed new .data files it will restore without the CRC error.

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