1. What should I do when Basic Authentication fails in REST API monitor?

  1. Verify if the credentials provided in the Applications Manager are correct.
  2. Try if sending username and password in Authorization request header works
    1. Get an BASE-64 encoded value of username:password. eg: If the username is admin and password is test get BASE-64 encoded value of admin:test
    2. Provide the base-64 encoded value in Custom HTTP(s) headers field in REST API monitor as "Authorization_sep_BASIC YWRtaW46dGVzdA==" and then check if Test Credential gets passed.
      1. YWRtaW46dGVzdA== is the BASE-64 encoded value of admin:test. ie. username:password.       
In basic authentication, our HTTP client will first make request to the server without credentials and when the server returns 401 Unauthorized message request will be made again to the server with credentials. In few servers configuration will be made in such a way when credentials are not sent directly or in first request, after sending 401 Unauthorized  message server will disclose the connection hence basic authentication will fail in such case for REST API monitor in Applications Manager. In such case you can make use of Custom HTTP(s) headers to send username and password as mentioned above.

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