Resetting Forgotten Postgres password

Resetting Forgotten Postgres password

            When the customer has altered the postgres user password and forgotten on how to retrive it. Please follow the below procedure to Reset Postgres SuperUser Password. This case will be helpful in case of forgotten old password, for changing the password if you know the old password, please refer this article.
Note: Please try to avoid sharing the Postgres user password to customers directly due to security reasons.
  1. Open the pg_hba.conf file, located at <servicedeskplus_home>\pgsql\data\ folder and edit the authentication method for the postgres user to "trust".  The default authentication method is md5, but we need to change it to trust. This will allow to connect to PostgreSQL without a passwordSave the changes to the pg_hba.conf file.
Make sure that you have a backup of the pg_hba.conf file before you make any changes.
      2. Restart the PostgreSQL server. 
      3. Connect to PostgreSQL as the postgres user by the following command. You will not be prompted for a password.
./psql -h -p 65432 -d servicedesk -U postgres
      4. Execute the below command to Alter the postgres password.
ALTER USER postgres WITH PASSWORD '<new password>';
Additionally for altering sdpadmin password, 
ALTER USER sdpadmin WITH PASSWORD '<new password>';
      5. Revert the changes done in pg_hba.conf. (i-e: change authentication method back to md5)  and Restart the Postgresql Server. 
Now application will connect to DB with new user credentials.

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