8.1 Reset global admin Password from the database

8.1 Reset global admin Password from the database

For SupportCenter Plus 8.1 and below:

Follow the below steps to reset a global admin password from the database (only if you don't have another Global Administrator account to login and reset the password from the user interface):

1. Connect to the DB, and execute the below select query to find the Global Admin users:

    select au.user_id "User ID", al.login_id"Login ID",au.first_name"Name",al.name"Login Name" from GlobalAdmin ga Left join sduser sd on ga.SUPPORTREPID=sd.USERID left join aaauser au on sd.userid=au.user_id left join aaalogin al on au.user_id=al.user_id where sd.status='ACTIVE';

The above query would list the global admin users like below:

2. Now, in order to reset the password for the available user, the user ID that was retrieved from the above query should be replaced in the below query:

    update AaaPassword set password='2+uYvE3SLfO3XaHl+CaGLA==', SALT='1103287238602' where password_id in (select ap.password_id from aaaaccpassword ap left join aaaaccount ac on ac.account_id=ap.account_id left join aaalogin al on al.login_id=ac.login_id where al.user_id=user ID);

Like below:

Once you run the query, the password will be updated. The default password for the user will be admin

3. Restart the application and login as the user with the password as admin.

To connect to Postgres DB, please refer to this link.

For MS-SQL, please execute the query in SQL Studio under SuppportCenter Database.

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