Request recipient email

Request recipient email

This report is used to find the recipient email address. 

Some requests are forward to others through the mail, this report helps to find the statistics how many requests are forward to others using the email address filter. 

SELECT wo.workorderid "RequestID",
       wo.title "Subject",
       wor.to_cc_bcc "Parent Request",
       wor.recipient_email "Parent request email ",
       cr.TO_CC_BCC " In conversations",
       cr.recipient_email "Conversation email",
       nr.TO_CC_BCC "Sent mails",
       nr.recipient_email "Sent mail email" FROM workorder wo
LEFT JOIN conversation c ON wo.workorderid=c.workorderid
LEFT JOIN conversationrecipients cr ON c.conversationid=cr.conversationid
LEFT JOIN notify_workorder nw ON nw.workorderid=wo.workorderid
LEFT JOIN notification_recipients nr ON nw.notificationid=nr.notificationid
LEFT JOIN workorder_recipients wor ON wo.workorderid=wor.workorderid
WHERE wo.CREATEDTIME >= <from_lastweek>
  AND wo.CREATEDTIME <= <to_lastweek>

Note : Login to ServiceDesk Plus, go to Reports tab > New Query Report > Copy the query to the query editor and run the report. 

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