Report to get list of Requesters with Requester created time and created by

Report to get list of Requesters with Requester created time and created by

Kindly execute the report under Report -> New Query Report. 

AaaLogin.NAME "LoginName", 
longtodate(aaauser.createdtime) "Created time",  
AaaContactInfo.EMAILID "Email", 
DepartmentDefinition.DEPTNAME "Department", 
SDOrganization.NAME "Site", 
aaau .FIRST_NAME "Created by" FROM AaaUser  
LEFT JOIN Portaltechnicians pt on pt.userid=aaauser.user_id
LEFT JOIN UserDepartment ON AaaUser.USER_ID=UserDepartment.USERID  
LEFT JOIN AaaUserContactInfo ON AaaUser.USER_ID=AaaUserContactInfo.USER_ID  
LEFT JOIN AaaContactInfo ON AaaUserContactInfo.CONTACTINFO_ID=AaaContactInfo.CONTACTINFO_ID  
LEFT JOIN DepartmentDefinition ON UserDepartment.DEPTID=DepartmentDefinition.DEPTID  
LEFT JOIN SiteDefinition ON DepartmentDefinition.SITEID=SiteDefinition.SITEID  
LEFT JOIN SDOrganization ON SiteDefinition.SITEID=SDOrganization.ORG_ID  
LEFT JOIN SDUser ON AaaUser.USER_ID=SDUser.userid
LEFT JOIN aaauser aaau on aaau.user_id=sduser.created_by
where pt.userid is null and sduser.status='ACTIVE'

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