Report on requests pending approval

Report on requests pending approval

DB Compatibility : PGSQL & MSSQL
Build Compatibility : Builds above 10000

SELECT wo.WORKORDERID "Request ID",aau.FIRST_NAME "Requester",dpt.DEPTNAME "Department",wo.TITLE "Subject",ti.FIRST_NAME "Technician",
std.STATUSNAME "Request Status",
longtodate(wo.CREATEDTIME) "Created Time",
asd.stagename "Stage name",
LONGTODATE(ApprovalStage.SENT_DATE) "Approval Sent date",
LONGTODATE(ApprovalDetails.ACTION_DATE) "Approved Date",
ApprovalStatusDefinition.STATUSNAME "Approval Status",
ApprovalDetails.EMAIL "Approver Email"  FROM WorkOrder wo LEFT JOIN SDUser sdu ON wo.REQUESTERID=sdu.USERID LEFT JOIN AaaUser aau ON sdu.USERID=aau.USER_ID LEFT JOIN DepartmentDefinition dpt ON wo.DEPTID=dpt.DEPTID LEFT JOIN WorkOrderStates wos ON wo.WORKORDERID=wos.WORKORDERID
LEFT JOIN StatusDefinition std ON wos.STATUSID=std.STATUSID
JOIN ApprovalStageMapping ON wo.WORKORDERID=ApprovalStageMapping.WORKORDERID
LEFT JOIN ApprovalDetails ON ApprovalStageMapping.APPROVAL_STAGEID=ApprovalDetails.APPROVAL_STAGEID
LEFT JOIN  approvalstatusdefinition ON ApprovalDetails.STATUSID=ApprovalStatusDefinition.STATUSID
left join approvalstagedefinition asd on asd.STAGEID=ApprovalDetails.STAGEID WHERE (wo.ISPARENT='1') and ApprovalStatusDefinition.STATUSNAME like '%pending%' and std.ispending='1'
order by 1

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