Remove the configuration of Analytics Plus from Servicedesk Plus

Remove the configuration of Analytics Plus from Servicedesk Plus

Under Servicedesk Plus - Advanced Analytics section, Integration UI allows us to re-configure the host, port and username only after performing 'Remove' action. However, if you uninstall or change the host of Analytics Plus application, you can not Remove the configuration from Servicedesk Plus.

To overcome this issue, kindly follow the below mentioned workaround.
Execute the below query in Servicedesk Plus DB to remove the configuration. After execution,restart Servicedesk Plus.

For Servicedesk running on PGSQL: (Click here for detailed steps to connect to your ServiceDesk Plus database running in MySQL or MSSQL )
1. Open cmd as administrator and run startDB.bat <port> under <ServicedeskPlus_home>\bin
2. Launch pgsql using cmd under <ServicedeskPlus_home>\pgsql\bin and do the below commands one by one ,

      >psql.exe -U postgres -p <port>

For example:
>psql.exe -U postgres -p 65432

      >\c servicedesk

update zohoreportsconfiguration set param_value=null where param_name like 'DBID';


Host, HTTPS Port, UserName and Password fields will be enabled for edit. Now, you can re-configure with Analytics Plus installation data and proceed.

It is better to remove the configuration in Servicedesk Plus before changing the host / uninstalling / re-initializing Analytics Plus.
Ideally the Host Name / IP Address / Port change scenario should not mandate the removal of whole configuration from Servicedesk Plus.

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